Why Advertise with Little City, Big Sound?


Share Your Story

Audio storytelling is the most effective form of advertising available to small and medium-sized businesses today. Promoting your business with Little City, Big Sound can help build your brand in exciting new ways by presenting compelling stories from business owners, employees, and customers alike.


Shape Your Message

Audio storytelling allows the producer to introduce characters, build a narrative and create immersive environments. Think beyond your standard advertisement limitations to build a message that is truly unique to your business. No idea where to begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the process.


Reach Your Audience

Why struggle to stand out in the crowded print media field? Jump off the page and into the ears of your audience. Little City, Big Sound is available through a variety of different platforms and can deliver your message visually through our website and show notes. When a listener is hearing your ad, you are speaking directly to them. No distractions, no competing messages, just your brand delivered directly to the consumer.


Support Your Community

When you choose to advertise with Little City, Big Sound, you are not only building your brand, you are building your community. Supporting this program means supporting the vibrant landscape of creativity that makes Bellingham such an incredible place to live.